Producing energy by harnessing the temperature differences between ocean surface waters and deep ocean waters.


Vernet solutions of thermal and pressure circulation valves contribute to an effective response of environmental challenges and energy problems faced by the planet’s most isolated regions.

Energy from the sun heats ocean surface water. In tropical regions, surface water can be much warmer than deeper water. This temperature difference can be used to produce electricity and to desalinate ocean water into fresh.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems use a temperature difference to power a turbine to produce electricity. Warm surface water is pumped through an evaporator containing a working fluid. The vaporized fluid drives a turbine/generator. The vaporized fluid is turned back to a liquid in a condenser cooled with cold ocean water pumped from deeper in the ocean. OTEC systems using seawater as the working fluid can use the condensed water to produce desalinated water.

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