Vernatherm aerospace’s engineering and design teams are constantly improving our products with innovations and technological advancements.


Maintain proper operating temperatures within precise mechanical systems

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The expansion & contraction of these thermal actuators can be utilized to operate valves, mechanical linkage, electric switches, or any other device. The plug and diaphragm-type actuator design is proven to be the most reliable style for any application.



Micro-thermal actuators are the smallest wax actuators available today. These unique actuators operate the same way our standard actuators do however the forces they deliver are scaled down due to size. With micro-actuators, thermal actuator technology can be applied in a variety of new ways opening up a world of engineering possibility.


Manage pressure as a single purpose valve, or it can be paired with a thermal control unit. Vernatherm pressure relief valves span from small precise units that are utilized in the aerospace industry to heavy duty valves used in other equipment.

A pressure relief control valve is used to limit the amount of pressure being exerted on a confined liquid. This is necessary to prevent failure of components or rupture of hydraulic lines under excessive pressures. The pressure relief control valve is a system safety valve.


A valve manifold (valve housing) is a CNC machined containment device that internally contains a wax motor and valve components. Typically valve manifolds are used to control fluids by sensing thermal levels and or pressure levels within an application.

We have an array of state-of-the-art CNC machining centers ranging from 3 to 5 axis that enables us to machine without limitations. Typically our manifolds are machined out of aluminum however we are able to process other types of material.

AS 9100 Aerospace Quality System Standard

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines individual manufacturing approvals through its Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and laws mandating compliance. Subsequently, AS9100 is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for doing production in the aerospace business, as many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only work with suppliers that are certified to the aerospace standard. Also, many International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) member companies have deployed AS9100 within their own organizations.

If you have a specific request, simply contact us and we will help you build customized products from your needs.

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